An Incredible Journey Along the Maine Coast

The summer certainly has proven to be productive. My second short story, Blink, has been published on Amazon. It’s been quite a month already!


Blink, the second short story in the collection, The Canon, takes the reader on a dizzying bike ride down the back roads of the Maine coast. Along the way, Andy O’Brien, a bright and caring young science teacher with a promising future, dreams of making a name for himself and his school by conducting unsanctioned experiments. If he’s right, he might change the way society looks at disease, growth, and even the aging process. But, time is both his ally and his enemy, and he must move quickly to prove his theories.

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The work here is a combination of the world that might be and the world that is. Told with a storyteller’s heart, the author brings the reader to a place that is at once familiar and provocative. The pages will turn quickly and more than a little sleep will be lost.

If you read the story, leave a review and let me know what you think. There will be a new story every month, so stay tuned.

David Arenstam

About David Arenstam

Originally from away, but here to stay - Maine is my home and I love writing stories about the people and places from my end of the state. I am a teacher and writer and my first novel, "Homecoming: A Soldier's Story of Loyalty, Courage, and Redemption" is available now at