Fair skies, warm temperatures, and a 32-mile ride to the Donut Hole

Buxton – After four weeks sitting on the shelf (cracked clavicle and separated shoulder) it was time to ride again. The weather was beautiful. The air was cool and crisp and there was a hint of autumn as the temperatures hovered around 50 degrees. As we were leaving, we knew that as the sun crept higher and higher, the warmth of the day would be a welcome companion. I couldn’t stop smiling. I was on my bike again and riding with my friends.  DonutHole

There were many ways to get there, but we settled on an 18-mile route out and 14-mile route home. Not to sound too dramatic, but the stop in the middle would be a reminder of why we ride. The Donut Hole is not fancy, it’s not part of a national chain or multi-national corporation, it’s just a local coffee shop, our coffee shop.