Authors: never leave home without this in the trunk of your car

SACO – Not unlike many other fall seasons, this year has been very busy. Each year as school starts, I frantically try to learn about more than 100 new students, figure out a routine for the work day and family life, and continue to pursue my dream of writing and publishing.

This year, I am a step closer to that dream. My debut novel is being published as we speak (we are speaking right?) and I am learning that an important role for a writer is to act as a publicist for your work. I’ve told my friends, colleagues, family, and students that for the next year or so, I will probably talk about my book every chance I get. They tell me it helps.

This week my publisher sent me a box of books, some to give to family and friends, and others to carry with me as I travel around the state.



If you look in the trunk of the car, there they are, shiny, new, and they contain four years of my writing life. I’ll admit, I open my trunk more than I need to.

I’ll be speaking four times this month at various locations about the book, the writing process and the journey I’ve been on. Like other new ventures in my life, I am excited and I hope for the best, I certainly plan to work at this.

Enclosed is a poster for my official book launch. If you’re near Saco on October 6, please come and say hello.

If you can’t make it, and you’d like to know where else I’ll be speaking, please check my website (

I hope to see you soon and if you happen to see my somewhat dusty Jetta driving down the road, you can be assured there are books in the trunk.