The top 5 reasons to take a walk in the snow

SACO – If you listened to the weather reports, this part of the state is supposed to see a new blanket of snow by the end of the day. Some of the forecasts say we’ll see a mixture of rain and snow, others say mostly rain, and there are a brave few who say we’ll see mostly snow.


In any case, it seemed like a good excuse to go for a walk with the dog. If you are at all like me, just being outside will start to make you think. So here are my top five reasons why you should join me and take a step outside today.


1. Family –

Whether it’s a chance to get away from the noise or and confusion of the season, or better yet, a time to think about those who mean the most to you, the silence of the falling snow lets you live between your ears. Remember the laughter, the smiles, the tough conversations, but above all else, remember. Good or bad, you are who you are because of your family and friends.


2. Health –

To me, this is the easy one, the no-brainer. A 45-60 minute walk on a cold winter day is a bit of work. Like the red wine you drink at night, this too will help your heart and circulatory system. Boots, jackets, sweaters, gloves and hats all add to the weight you already carry. Trudge along my friend and give thanks to your beating heart.

3. Mind –

Something miraculous seems to happen when you become active and move about – your mind works better. I don’t know if it’s your heart working (see number two) or being in a place where there are very few distractions, but the cold air, the brisk walk all seem to help me focus. I often come up with solutions to problems, big and small, that have been nagging at me for days. Take a walk and let you mind go. Somehow it knows what to do and with a gentle push in the right direction, voila. Problem solved.


4. Nature –

I am going to try to say this in the clearest possible way. Nature is awesome! It never fails amaze me. Morning, noon, or night – it doesn’t seem to matter. There is always something to look at, something to think about. The birds, dogs, deer, cattle, horses, hills, trees, mountains, and waves – they all seem spectacular.


5. Contentment –

This last reason seems to be a combination of the first four, but almost every time I come inside after spending time outside, I feel better. If I happened to be down in the dumps before the walk, somehow that feeling passes. If I was worried, or nervous about something I needed to do, something I needed to finish, the walk seems to wash that away. I hope like my friend Ben, I am able to walk until last few days, but there are many miles to go before that day.

Happy Snow Day!

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