Teaching Trump – Day 1

SACO – For many reasons, this past year has been memorable and as a teacher, I have never had more questions or discussions in class about current events and politics. As a class experiment, we have decided to document the next 365 days of Donald Trump’s presidency, to create a journal of sorts that identifies the issues and topics that come up in class. We’ll simply label them “Teaching Trump.” I’ll place them in a separate category here on MySecretMaine.com and I hope readers will be respectful of the opinions of others.

Day 1 – Is it legal for members of congress to refuse to go to the inauguration?

With more than 60 members of congress announcing that they will not attend the inauguration, students wondered why they would do such a thing and does it happen often?

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We talked for some time about Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) and the comments he made about then President-elect Trump. We discussed the tweets that followed from the @RealDonaldTrump and for most of the discussion argued about the purpose of attending the ceremonies. It boiled down to this essential question. If you attended the inauguration was that a sign of support for the President or was it a symbol of your support for the United States. Could you separate the two ideas?

The discussion was lively and I encouraged them to think before they spoke and recognize that some in our class may not share the same opinion. In the end, the general feeling of the class was that members of Congress do not need to support the President in order to attend the ceremonies, but there were definitely strong feelings on both sides.

After about 15-minutes we ended the discussion and it was on to the writer of the day. I teach English and in some ways, I welcomed the chance to focus for a while on something else.

It’ll be an interesting year.


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