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OK – the title of this story may be just a bit misleading, but essentially it’s true. Today is day three of an adventure my students and I are having as we try to write a story or blog entry every day, for 45 days in a row.

Today in class we talked about truth, click-bait, and the way the media promotes stories. We talked about the meaning behind headlines and the difference, sometimes, between the headline and the context of the story.

My students have each created a personal blog and for the next 45 days, they are attempting to write at least 250 words and make some sense out of the often crazy and complex world we share. Not surprisingly, we spent a good deal of time today talking about the events in Florida and the number of school shootings that have occurred in our country.

Maybe sometime during the next 45 days, I’ll write specifically about this issue and their ideas about how to solve the problem, and yes, many of them do have strong feelings about this all-too-common American predicament.

But back to the streak. This idea is actually pretty simple. I have this theory that if you wish to do something with any real amount of skill or finesse, you need some time in the seat. If you want to become a better writer, you need to write.

Yes, reading is important and reading a variety of subjects and authors helps, but as someone once told me, if you want to sing, at some point you have to open your mouth. Well, my friends, I am about to sing.

Hopefully, a few readers will join me on the journey and hopefully, a few of these rants will strike a chord with you as my students and I write about the events of the day.

So now you know the story behind the title. See you tomorrow.

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