Circle the day on the calendar – cycling season begins this Wednesday!

Yes, roughly a month ago it seemed like the winds and weather from the Arctic would settle into our corner of New England for the duration of the winter, but as we’ve come learn, the one constant about our version of the weather is change.

This coming Wednesday, many of the local forecasts are predicting a sunny day with the temperatures approaching 60 degrees. I am going to go out on a limb here and claim that it will be 60 degrees and as a teacher, this couldn’t have come at a better time.

Our school, like most in the state, will be on vacation next week. This pause in the action couldn’t have come at a better time and as our nation struggles with the most recent events in Florida, teachers, students, and their families are collectively taking a timeout. But more on that tomorrow.

For today, I would like to think about a bit of sunshine, the promise of the spring-to-come, and the continuing cycle of renewal that our shared planet reveals each year. I am grateful and encouraged.

So find your trusty two-wheeler – oil the chain and pump up the tires. Wednesday promises to be another spectacular day.

I am not sure where I’ll go or how far I’ll ride, but I have a feeling I’ll find my way to the streets and roads that line the shore. I am just as certain that I’ll probably stop for a few minutes to take in the sights and draw a deep breath.

Enjoy the day and as I tell my students, “If you see me on the roads, please don’t hit me!”

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