Teachers and coaches throughout the state are greeted by the heat of summer

It has been a summer for the record books. Yes, the season is short and yes, the calendar always seems to sprint toward September, but at times this past summer, it has been almost unbearably hot and humid.

Today was the first day of school for many teachers around the state, myself included. It seems like a large percentage of the schools where we work were designed decades ago and are not air-conditioned or configured for temperatures exceeding 90 degrees.

The bricks, boards, and concrete that surrounds these places of learning seems to absorb the sunlight and heat of the day with an efficiency that borders on startling.

Infrared Temps

Surface temperatures for Maine and the surrounding region courtesy of the forecasters at Intellicast.com

Today was one of those days and for most of the afternoon, even near the coast where a cooling breeze is never far away, the temperatures rose to a near-unbearable level.

As a coach of a fall sport, I worried about the temperature on our turf field. It always seems to be hotter than the surrounding grass fields. Well sure enough, by about 11 a.m., our athletic director had made a decision about having high school athletes practice and play in the heat and humidity. The temperature was well above 90 degrees and the “feels like” temperature was within spitting distance of 100 degrees.

Practice for most of the sub-varsity athletes was canceled and the varsity teams had their practice times moved to the evening. The crisis was averted for today, tomorrow is another matter.

After learning about the change in the schedule, I spoke with some of the other coaches on campus and I learned that games or scrimmages in Sanford, Gorham, and even as far away as Oxford Hills, were called off.

It wasn’t a snow-day, but it was close.

Tomorrow the students will arrive in force and the forecast for this area of the state is about the same as today, maybe even a little worse. We’ll see what that does to the practice schedule.

See you on the roads and stay tuned – as always, if I think it’s interesting, I’ll write about it.

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